Icons on Wooden Panel

Icons painted for liturgical use in the church are placed on stands, hung along the walls, and placed in the iconostasis. They can also be commissioned for use in a chapel or in the home, for use in ceremonies such as baptisms and weddings, to house relics, to commemorate important events, and so forth. Often the commissioner has an idea of the subject and the approximate size of the icon desired. If not, the iconographer can suggest an image appropriate for the occasion or can help decide on a variant. For example, if a Mother of God icon is desired, which of the many types of this image will best fulfil the intended function of the icon? Please bear in mind that while Nikita will gladly take into account the traits of a prototype which is dear to the commissioner, he will not be working in a manner that produces an exact replica of the prototype. The characteristic elements of the original will be preserved, but the icon will be carried out using the usual techniques of the Prosopon School. This, however, does not preclude a wide range of flexibility. The creation of each icon requires the iconographer to combine in a balanced way the guiding framework of a canonical prototype from tradition on the one hand, and, on the other, the freedom granted by the Spirit each time in a new way.


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Nikita also gladly accepts commissions to paint frescoes and design church mural programs. Larger projects are carried out in collaboration with other Prosopon School iconographers and/or apprentices. The technique used is most often al secco egg tempera painting, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Nikita has recently also been using the mineral silicate paint medium. In both cases, a layered, semi-transparent application is employed to achieve colors and tones that are both ethereal and deep. The use of coarsely ground natural pigments lends a living, vibrant quality to the frescoes. The iconographic program and the overall elements setting the tone of the ensemble can be designed in collaboration with the commissioner. We also welcome inquiries concerning commissioning series of icons such as for iconostases.