Nikita Andrejev is an iconographer and instructor working out of Estonia and the United States. He paints commissions and teaches workshops in Europe and North America. He heads the Tallinn, Estonia, studio of the Prosopon School of Iconology. Nikita has recently been ordained a deacon of the Orthodox Church.


Nikita aspires to the spiritual and artistic culture of ancient Byzantine icon painting in its various historical manifestations. As an iconographer of the Prosopon School, he strives for the living expression and continuation of the tradition of Orthodox iconography, based on the understanding of the inner principles animating the life of the Christian. These principles naturally have their source in Christian theology and anthropology, meaning: the Christian conception and experience of divinity and the ultimate potentials of humanity.

Iconography is therefore not simply the production of certain objects of religious devotion, nor simply the artistic study and reproduction of archaic art forms. In its fulness, the icon ought to be a manifestation in image of the powerful truths of the Christian faith. It must move the viewer to spiritual contemplation.



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2013-2015 St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, New York, USA: MA in Theology

2001-2005 Saint-Serge Orthodox Theological Institute, Paris, France: Licence in Theology

1993-1997 Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA: BA in Classics (Greek)

1988- Apprenticeship with Vladislav Andrejev, founder of the Prosopon School